Zeynep Watson

“Throughout my pregnancy and birth experience, Jessica’s guidance was invaluable to our family. With her knowledge, Jessica led me away from the fears I had following my first birth experience to a place where I felt confident, calm, and full of excitement going into my second birth. My daughter entered the world naturally and peacefully. We couldn’t be more thankful for our birth story and the big role Jessica played in it.”

Eric Watson

“My wife’s labor with our first child was without a doula. She back-labored through a long, tiring and painful experience, and I lacked sustainable tools and strategies to help her. For our second child, we took a different approach. We sought out Jessica’s help as a doula to coach us through the process, but we received so much more. I’ll be forever grateful for her role through one of life’s most personal experiences.”


Daisy Ding

“Jessica’s prenatal yoga was my absolute favorite! A must-have during pregnancy! I started taking her class from about 12 weeks until I delivered. I love how Jessica really cares about her pregnant mamas, she takes time to hear us out, and tailors each yoga sequence to our specific needs. I leave her class feeling strong, calm, and centered. Again, Jessica is very caring and personable. She provided me with great resources and guidance outside of class to prepare for childbirth. I highly recommend taking prenatal yoga with Jessica. She will help you find that inner strength, physically and mentally prepare yourself to become a warrior mama like I did!”

Sara Kershaw

“I will forever be grateful to Jessica for the role she had in supporting my wife and I as we brought our son into the world. Our journey to becoming parents, like many, was not easy, and came with much loss and sorrow. We knew that the delivery and first moments of our son’s life were not just precious, but sacred. Sharing them with someone else was not something we took lightly.

Jessica was amazing through the entire process. She started by getting to know us as individuals and as a couple. She asked thought provoking questions, provided insight into not just the delivery process, but how we might respond while in labor based on what she learned of us and how we interacted. As a wife, it was important to be very hands on and involved during labor, but I didn’t want to be stressed the months leading up having to research everything, let alone remember eighteen birthing positions, how long to let the umbilical cord pulsate or worse yet – researching something online in the moment. I wanted to be focused on my wife versus being the only one advocating for her & our family. And to be honest, after being in the delivery room with my sister, I was a little concerned about my own stamina if it ended up being a long delivery with back labor (which of course it was).

Our labor didn’t go exactly as planned (but who’s does, really?!) but the memory of the birth of our son is a positive one in which we felt empowered and connected through the entire process.

 Jessica was present, attentive, kind, reassuring and loving. We even laughed, a lot! I still can’t quite comprehend how it felt so comfortable to have someone we barely knew involved in such an intimate way during such sacred and intimate moments. But it was. She reminded us of what we had told her was most important, shared information as needed, advocated for us by asking nurses & doctors to give us a moment to talk privately, and  she was intuitive - providing the space necessary for us to feel like it was our own intimate experience. There are certain moments that are forever frozen in my mind, and Jessica is there in them. Sometimes in the peripheral, sometimes there’s only an awareness of her presence, and sometimes dead center: massaging my wife’s legs, pulling something out of her “mary poppins bag of tricks”,  and encouraging my wife to push harder through a contraction. 

 But she wasn’t just there for my wife, she was there for me too – encouraging and supporting me. There was a moment in which my own faith and stamina were waning and I looked over at her during a particularly difficult contraction/push and she mouthed, “she’s ok, she can do this.”

Our son was birthed via C-Section and Jessica was the 2nd person to truly hold our son. And in that moment, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I would highly recommend contacting Jessica to learn more about how she can support you during your own birth experience.”

Bliss Boaden

“Jess’ prenatal yoga class is truly one of the highlights of my week. I always leave feeling refreshed, calm and strong. In particular, I really appreciate the way she coaches us to put breath to movement, and encourages a conscious understanding of the way our bodies respond to breath. I know I’ll be using some of the poses she has taught me during my labour, and have been enjoying using them in my own practice at home, too. I feel so supported in my practice by Jess’ holistic teaching style and philosophy. She is a wonderful resource for any new or experienced mumma.”